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CTM (www.travelmart.com.cn) is an integrated system and professional B2B platform. The CTM system has over 3,800 registered travel agencies and a distribution system that has products for over 150 destinations and 80,000 hotel and vacation products. CTM also has over 20 Southeast Asia outbound vacation packages and inbound tour reception services. In the future CTM will add a further 150,000 domestic and international hotel and vacation products, providing clients with a convenient online service.  


2002: C.J.Net Hotel Reservations Center starts providing hotel reservations services for Pearl River Delta Region. 
2003: Opening of Century Plaza branch. 
2004: Opening of Futian branch and the beggining of 330 airport shuttlebus services.
2010: Beginning of online services and the establishment of TOURDECHINA.CN
2011: Establishment of CTM-TravelMart
2012: CTM-TravelMart online distribution system officially begins. 

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