Are you looking for a reliable business partner in China?

2015-05-21 Author:管理员

You may only need an office work area or work at our headquarters. Or you need help renting an independent office downtown. If you need our help we are only one click away.

Who WAre Looking for

♥ Travel agencies that operate land services for high quality Chinese Tourists to visit the respective country.  

♥ Destination experts and experienced travel agencies who need to hire Chinese representatives in China.

♥ Companies who have interest in developing their travel business in the China market.

♥ Need company registration, bank account, HR, and other support from a reliable Chinese partner.

What We Can Help with

♥ Company set up with local legal support.

♥ Chinese sale representative works with us in 1 of our 18 branches.

♥ Financial support including bank account setup.

♥ HR support including Job interview and staff contract.

♥ Promotion includes opportunities to participate in our company road show, B2B promotion and travel fairs.


♥ An estimated 26.4 million Chinese tourists went overseas in the first quarter of this year, up 17 percent from the same period last year.

♥ China is a country as big as Europe, you can only visit a limited number of offices each day on a business trip.

♥ Expensive travel and hotel expenses increase your marketing costs.

♥ You need a reliable Chinese partner to help with legal issues and offer support.

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